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Tap into the power of social proof to increase sales… even if you have no testimonials yet.

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This next part is creating some desire And so this is going to be either having Trust seals testimonials media Appearances the types of things that you Want to put here is some simply to show That you are a credible source and that You’re not just some random person on The internet trying to steal their Contact information right now Unfortunately most of us don’t have this Right we’re just getting started or this Is a brand new offer so we don’t really Have that kind of social proof for it so What you can do is quote yourself now I Know this sounds ridiculous but if we go Back to the examples that I showed at The beginning of this guide I literally Quote myself on each one of those Because when we launched those Particular offers they were brand new we Didn’t know if they were would work we’d Never had someone before so we can just Talk about our personal experience and How whatever it is they’re about to Receive has helped us achieve similar Results that our ideal customers want And that’s literally all you have to do Here

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