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In this video, Vick Strizheus (aka AskVick) reveals the 7 key steps on how to start an online affiliate business that nobody is talking about. Do NOT start your online business before you watch this.

You’ll see why most people fail in affiliate marketing before they even start.

These are the 7 steps for building a million-dollar online business.

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In this video i’m gonna show you the Seven key steps for starting an online Affiliate marketing business that can Generate a million dollars or more let’s Go [Music] Hey guys welcome back to the channel Welcome back to another video my name is Vic and if you are brand new to this Channel please consider subscribing and While you edit smash that like button so We can spread this message to more People that need to hear this thank you So very much okay let’s get down to Business in this video i want to talk to You about how do you start an online Affiliate business That will give you the best shot the Best chance the best potential at Generating a million dollars or more in A single year how do you do that right And there is seven key strategic very Important steps that we need to talk About that i don’t see a lot of people Talking about but you need to know if You are to build a million dollar Affiliate marketing business okay you Know if you are brand new to my work if We have never met if you have never Listened to any of my trainings Previously why should you listen to a Word i have to say right well i am Somebody that started out with not Having a dollar 19 cents to my name and

I was able to build an affiliate Marketing business that was generating At least eleven thousand five hundred Dollars per day consistently that’s Right that’s over three hundred thousand Dollars a month Simply by selling other people’s Products Uh and that’s before i even started Talking about affiliate marketing right So right now i run a company called four Percent we teach this kind of stuff and On this channel my intention is to Provide to you ideas and information And strategies that can help you move The needle in your business okay So listen what do you do how do you do This right if you are looking to Generate income on the internet In my opinion affiliate marketing is Hands down the lowest hanging fruit we Can collaborate with other companies Okay we don’t have to create those Products we don’t have to customer Service people we don’t have to have a Big office or big staff or big overhead We don’t have to be an expert we don’t Have to be like this guru or whatever we Don’t have to write a book we don’t have To be this big super huge influencer Doesn’t Need you know it’s not necessary okay But if done properly you can build Yourself a million dollar or more

Business Simply by being an independent affiliate Collaborating with other companies that Already deliver products and you can Just make money in the middle okay but What you will see a lot of people talk About is like simple go to amazon or go To clickbank and grab yourself an Affiliate link start driving traffic and Most people fail Before they even start I don’t want that to be you So i’m going to tell you how to do it Right And this is the kind of stuff that i Applied in my business and it Helped me Comp it completely changed my life as an Affiliate entrepreneur and this is the Kind of stuff that a lot of our students A lot of our people are are you know Following to completely change Their lives financially and otherwise Right because if you can get more money Coming in to you You can probably change your zip code You can probably change your car and you Can be a lot more happier if you have a Lot more money coming your way okay so My friend let’s talk about the seven Strategic steps for starting an online Business that can generate a million Dollars or more step number one You’ve got to think bigger okay think

Big that’s literally step number one Here is what i mean by this let me Explain to you what i mean by this Before you even talk about what products Are you gonna be promoting what nature You’re gonna be promoting what websites You’re gonna be building right what are The traffic generation uh tactics how do I get cheap traffic all of these other Things that are just noise out there i Want you to get very very very clear on What do you want to build okay Do you want to build a big skyscraper Okay metaphorically speaking right here Okay A big skyscraper 100 story skyscraper see what i’m saying Let’s just do this stay with me here i Got a big idea for you okay do you want To build a single family little home Right here Okay Uh uh my my my my art okay or do you Want to build some kind of a check okay Like a tp or whatever okay what what do You want to build see most people They fail before they start and it’s Their approach so My recommendation my suggestion to you Is Think big before you even do anything It does not require You To do any extra work to do this if this

Is like a ghetto neighborhood Okay or like a single family home these Guys are just like average they’re just Grinding all the time right or for you To own like a skyscraper let me Put it to you like this It would be best for you to start Thinking like this instead of like that Most people fail before they start Because they’re thinking like this and Here’s what this thinking is saying Basically hey Go to amazon associates grab yourself an Affiliate link start driving traffic Good luck making money as an affiliate Entrepreneur Don’t do that that’s garbage advice You’ll never be successful you’ll never Build a business you will never have a Real deal affiliate business doing this Kind of stuff same thing with here okay So we’re gonna scratch that Let’s get rid of this here is how i Approach affiliate marketing this is how I’ve built my affiliate marketing Business That was generating millions of dollars As much as four and a half million Dollars in a single year think about it Didn’t have to create products didn’t Have to customer service anybody simply Promoting other people’s products as an Affiliate Okay

As much as four and a half million Dollars in a single year through that Business model and that Started with me thinking big Think like a skyscraper okay let me Explain to you what you want as an Independent affiliate if this is you Right here okay you’re just starting out Okay this is you You want To have money coming your way From all over the place right you want What’s called a multiple stream of Income Watch You want money to come to you from this Company this company This company you get the point Okay If you want to know how to do this Continue watching this video because i’m Going to show you exactly how to Structure it And it’s very very important and not a Lot of people talking about it okay This is what you want you want to have a Lot of money coming to you not You don’t want to like run multiple Campaigns necessarily okay i’m going to Explain to you what i mean by that but You want multiple companies or multiple Products or multiple offers paying you Money and all that has one thing in Common all that money flows into you to

Your business to your bank account How you structure it your strategy your Positioning in the marketplace is going To be the most important element the Most important step and that is this Think like a skyscraper when you think About the skyscraper watch Okay before you build it if you were to Build a skyscraper what how would you Think about it well okay where would wha Where would it be would it be in new York city where you know would it be Like location right so like location Matters location being like What industry you’re gonna you’re gonna Be in okay what niche okay so in what Nature you’re gonna play if you’re gonna Be building an affiliate marketing Business like this you want to identify What do you want to do okay think in Your head what are you passionate about Did you know that you can build yourself A million dollar business as an Independent affiliate without creating Those products Simply by collaborating with companies That are in niches or selling things That you might be passionate about right So if you’re passionate about Electronics okay boom maybe that’s your Thing if you’re passionate about sports If you’re passionate about Markers right water advice relationships Uh ballet dancing if you’re passionate

About finances numbers you name it right Uh hardware software um what are you Passionate about what are you passionate Cooking right Uh dog training you know a Training canaries how to like perform or Whatever right what are you passionate About just realize that just think about What Industry or what Peop you know what kind of a crowd Um are you gonna be serving okay And so that’s where you start second Thing Is think like a big building think like A skyscraper here’s why this metaphor is Important Okay Every skyscraper every single skyscraper When you go to any city any state any Country Every single high rise okay have couple Things in common they have multiple Tenants That pay them Okay Get it They have things like what’s on the Bottom floor of every skyscraper usually You’re gonna find right like stores Okay this store is paying renting money This store is paying money right and so Forth and so on so multiple flows of Income i don’t want to own the product i

Don’t want to create the product i don’t Want to create the store merchandise i Just want to have the I just want to have The building That owns The tenant that makes sense so that is My approach okay so step number one is Think big think like a skyscraper got it Okay Maybe that’s not going to make a whole Lot of sense just yet but stick with me Okay we’re going to go on this journey Together i’m going to promise you it’s Going to make a lot more sense no Now before we go to step number two you Know if you are following this channel If you’re a subscriber of this channel Askvig here right this is fairly new Channel at the time you’re recording This video And i created this channel with a simple Mission i’m taking a brand new company From zero To a million dollars Doing exactly that okay so these are Literally the seven steps that i’m going To show you and walk you through in this Video okay that i am applying to taking A brand new entity called That i just registered at the time You’re recording this video this has Been like a couple of weeks ago okay That i registered and i’m literally

Setting myself up For that company to do a million dollars As an affiliate collaborating with other Companies so step number one i’m Thinking like this okay So as a great example when i Open up that site i’m not sure if it’s Open by the time you’re watching this But you can You can check that out in real time okay All right step number two is this What you want and this is what a lot of People don’t think about okay what you Want is you have identified okay i want To be in Uh pen selling business or marker Selling business i want to be in Uh a cat training business right i want To be in um advice selling business Money management uh you name it whatever Your industry is gonna be whatever your Niche is gonna be whatever you’re Passionate and crazy Are about right Um okay second thing you wanna make sure That you register a domain So give your skyscraper before it exists Before you build it Give it a name okay every single Skyscraper usually has a name so what is That going to be What is your brand going to be see most People fail in affiliate marketing Because they don’t look at what they’re

Doing as a real deal business they’re Just looking at like How can i make a quick 20 bucks You know what i mean and that’s why most People fail is because they don’t think Like a business they think Transactionally Affiliate entrepreneurs that are uber Successful when they’re thinking about This They think like a business so every Single business that you know Has a name Right What is your Business going to be called So pick up a domain Okay you gotta register the domain Before you do anything before you start Getting traffic before you start Advertising spending money promoting any Of these programs right here no no you Want to have a domain That will give you a stake in the ground In the industry you’re going to serve Make sense okay grab yourself a domain is ok that info Whatever you want but my preference Would be com That domain will be your home on the Internet this will be the the skyscraper You’re gonna give it a name It’s gonna be registered got it okay

Step number three so step number two was To register a brand name Register a brand domain Uh step number three You got a Domain what you need to do Is you need to create Some sort of an entity okay it would be Ludicrous for you to think that if you Were to build a real skyscraper in a Real life world And you wouldn’t run it Separate from you okay it would be kind Of crazy idea to think like that so why Would you start a business Even if it’s affiliate marketing Business Why would you not Register it as a separate entity it Gives you tax advantages now if you are Registered as an llc Okay for example or Inc or however just talk to your Accountant or lawyer or you know whoever Your text advice tax advice person is i Don’t want to give you legal advice here But what you want to do is you want to Separate that business From you personally it gives you Protection legally it also allows you Now that you have an entity let’s say It’s going to be an llc if you’re in the States if you’re you know another Country just find out however you want

To register but you want to have a Business to stand on its own separate From you okay Tax advantages number one now every Single expense okay what everybody’s Like talking about well to do affiliate Marketing you just gotta pick a product From amazon the associates or clickbank Or this Network or that just start driving Traffic If you’re not running properly You cannot write that off you know that Right those expenses cannot be written Off because People are commingling their stuff And they’re digging themselves deeper Into Debt and like nasty situations that they Don’t want to be in so You got a domain register an llc that’s Step number three register an llc or Some sort of an entity okay Step number four Now that you have an entity now you got An llc what you need to do is open up Bank accounts for your business Open up bank accounts for your business Okay i’m gonna do another video on this Channel if you’re not subscribed might Be a good idea for you to subscribe and Smash that like button so that i can Notify you when i post that video Uh i’m gonna show you

There is a specific formula That i follow when it comes to managing Your money Properly That will position you for Tremendous wealth building And it will remove a lot of these Frustrations a lot of the anxiety around Money and it’s got to do with proper Management okay of your money So i’m gonna do a separate you know Video on that one it’s called the rtw Cgo formula for managing your money it’s Gonna change your life i promise you Okay so stay tuned for that video or Maybe find it on the channel if you are If it’s already out okay So step number where we have four you’re Gonna open up business bank accounts why Do you suppose that you i would tell you To open up business bank accounts Register this before i talk to you about How do you pick an offer or where to Pick an offer where to get traffic right Well a you want to make sure that You don’t commingle funds Right you want to make sure you have Clean business You don’t want to have personal and Business all kind of a jumbo together You don’t know which one is which and You got to buy bread for your family Over here you got to run ads over here And everything is one single bank

Account it’s a nightmare it’s going to Drive you insane All right and then you don’t want the Tax you know the text man To come after you Because you messed it up okay so it’s Very very very important Open up bank accounts for your llc clean Business now here’s what’s going to Happen every single expense Whether it’s traffic generation or ads Or You know anything even domain Registration okay could be a write-off Because everything now is business Related Make sense Tax advantage is very very important Okay now you’ve got an llc step number Five my friend is this you’re gonna Build a hub you wanna create yourself a Hub what do you suppose the hub is Well the hub is something like this if You think of yourself as a business Think of yourself As as a you know as a skyscraper This is Metaphorical hub okay this is a place Where people can come to congregate okay You go to like a skyscraper the willis Tower the trump tower in New york right the big one that Everybody knows and talks about okay It’s got a lot of tenants it’s got like

So when you have a hub you can have People coming in Right people do shopping they can they Can check out different things that this Hub offers This hub offers and then when they buy Cha-ching right Cha-ching cha-ching you can get a cut Metaphorically speaking from all of These transactions when you run it like This does that make sense so obviously I’m talking here in metaphors okay but Another idea Or another you know kind of a Thing i’m going to talk to about is Think of yourself like an island okay If this is your island Yourhub Dot com so whatever your hub your domain Name is going to be for that business Okay what you want is now okay when People go and a good idea or a good Example of this is you know the Uh this project that i started for if you go to You’ll see Right depending when you go there um you Know it offers different solutions okay Different products and when people buy Okay those are affiliate products Basically that type of stuff Okay make sense so this is your hub but Here is the big reason why you need to Create a hub now people mistake okay

Is i have a website can i go to Squarespace to build myself a hub Not really okay Is a hub of funnel not really a hub Is not a funnel but it has a funnel okay A hub is not just a website but it has a Website a hub think of your hub As a place okay so if you think of Atlantic ocean and there’s like an Island in the ocean right No longer are you just transactional Like in a little Fishing boat trying to fish for the day Right you own an island there is Commerce there are ships coming and Going right there’s people coming There’s movement there is activity now Your hub is your brand Okay now if your hub is a brand every Brand has this this aura around it right That people like what’s what makes a Brand a brand a brand is not a logo a Brand is how people feel Around that company or when they think About that company see i’m saying and Now your affiliate marketing business Will grow to that level think of nerd Wallet think of expedia okay all of These are affiliate marketing hubs This is expedia business model Expedia is that skyscraper Metaphorically speaking that has a lot Of tenants metaphorically speaking aka Different products that they’re selling

When you buy an airline ticket or a Hotel from expedia or some kind of a Travel package from expedia They don’t Deliver that product they’re simply Connecting you to the company that does And that company pays expedia what’s Called an affiliate commission That makes sense okay so you can run That business but see they’re thinking Like a skyscraper where somebody Brand new over here who’s just watching An affiliate marketing video they’re Like I’m just going to do amazon associates Promoting amazon associates affiliate Link and hope to get rich it will never Happen Because the Approach is completely different does That make sense okay Now when you have a hub this is your Brand so now you have something to get Excited about don’t you Right now you got this this this thing That’s like okay here is my stake in the Ground i am an affiliate entrepreneur This is my brand now you think of Yourself like hey i am The ceo of my own company Right You might be at zero Right now maybe you didn’t make a dime Yet you’re just setting this up but your

Entire approach the invisible world In the invisible it’s already done in The invisible You’re already doing a million dollars a Year make sense or more Right Which is exactly what i’m building ask Vic to be Is like that but most people fail Because they never get past They never even even think About This type of stuff let alone structure It let alone like strategizing about it That makes sense so it’s very very Important How do you build a hub well a hub is Where is what you know brings us to the Uh Step number six and step number six is i Wanna build a community that’s why you Need to think of this like a hub so if You think of yourself like an island Okay think of yourself can i build Myself a community Of at least a thousand people okay Step number six build a community of a Thousand people A thousand fans Okay a Tribe of a thousand members a thousand People here is why that’s important if You have a tribe People that pay attention to you to

Whatever you have to recommend whatever You talk about okay see if i sell these Markers right here Do you realize that i can build an Entire million dollar business With this model selling A marker Or markers Okay i can sell this expo marker and i Can review this marker i can say what i Like or don’t like about it right on my Hub and then i’m i can This can be my marker affiliate link Right here i can recommend it but Because i served my people on my island And i delivered this thing called value To them now they have a reason to come Back to my island And learn more from me to get more more Info from me to get to know me right i Become a destination that’s why Companies like bankrate nerd wallet Expedia and others Right Are hundreds of millions of dollars a Year they do Doing that Because they think of themselves as a Hub And now they have people coming to them On a regular basis now it’s not going to Happen overnight But the time is going to go by no matter What okay so how do you build a hub i’m

Going to do another video and give you Uh the platform and i’m going to review The platform that i’m using for ask vic To build my hub on but a hub It should be Think of it as a as a you know it’s it’s A it’s a Uh it’s a strategic Uh uh Branded website That has funnels going to it so we’re Gonna call these pathways here funnels Okay so maybe i’m gonna have a funnel Right here promoting this product okay And maybe i can have this so this is Pathway that allows people to come into My hub and i can have multiple one Multiple pathways like these doors right That people will come into Checking me out and now when they’re There Okay Commerce happening there’s activity There’s bubbly there’s like energy There’s cool things happening now my Community inside my hub okay i can have A community right here we can do live Events okay we can collaborate people Can comment on things i can post videos I can do reviews i can do daily updates I can do daily insider things people can Sign up and create a free account if They want to that makes sense I create a community and now there is a

Reason why i exist and reason why people Should care Make sense This is how you strategize and make a Million dollar and create a million Dollar affiliate marketing empire okay Okay so step number seven you you know Step step number six is you got a Thousand people okay build a community Of a thousand people step number seven What do you suppose that is Step number seven Step number seven is scale and dominate That’s right Step number seven kind of goes with step Number one okay so step number one was What think dig Step number seven scale and dominate When you have this structure Your Responsibility your duty see if you Promote great things Products that you’re passionate about Things that maybe help people transform Their life or just stuff that maybe You’re using and you are very very Passionate about isn’t that your Responsibility isn’t that your duty and Obligation to sell as much of that Product or service or whatever it is That you’re selling to as many people as Possible if You believe in it Make sense

Do you think that if you have that model Set up and running do you think that it Would be easy for you to sell those Products absolutely here is why Sales my friend is simply a transference Of feeling it’s how you feel about the Stuff that you sell They don’t have to be your stuff it can Be somebody else’s stuff we can talk More about this in future videos But myself my friend these are the seven Steps For starting A million dollar affiliate marketing Business now i know you might have a lot Of questions like Where do i select an offer right how do I promote that type of stuff i promise You i’m going to be putting putting Those videos out on this channel If you haven’t subscribed yet make sure That you subscribe hit that like button So that the algorithm can find you and Notify you uh whenever i post a new Video i will be putting other videos Where i’m going to show you how to find The perfect product Okay the perfect Product or company to collaborate with Okay i’m going to show you my formula i Think about them differently i don’t go To affiliate marketing networks Necessarily i don’t do amazon associates Necessarily

My approach to that is completely Differently i’m also gonna talk to you About how do you promote now that you Have a hub and yes i will give you a Review on the system that i’m using for Building my hub Okay um And then i’m gonna show you everything Okay so it’s gonna be um you know Hopefully this content serves you but i Want you right here i want you to think Differently forget about anybody right Now if you’re brand new to affiliate Marketing if you’re brand new to Starting an online business and if you Want to make real money Like if you want to just make pennies Here and there and just kind of rely on Somebody to like You know Buy from you Um then maybe you don’t need to listen To me but if you want to create a Business if you want to structure a real Deal business that you get to call your Shots on okay that can be here to stay You can scale it you can scale it to Million dollars Multi multiple millions of dollars per Year or more Then the information i’m going to show You on this channel is going to be Vitally important because my approach This stuff is differently i’m in the

Trenches doing it And i’m going to show you exactly what Works all right so with that said couple Things i would like to ask Number one if you are resonating with This content if you like it if you Haven’t yet please help us out Algorithm youtube that type of stuff you Know uh smash that like button so we can Spread this message to more people i Would really appreciate it thank you so Much if you haven’t subscribed please Subscribe and hit the notification bell So that you can be notified when we post New stuff and we do that on a regular Basis and then third thing very very Important Uh if you would please share this video With somebody else that you think might Benefit from it there is there is a Plague that we are that we’re trying to Get through okay and that plague is Wrong information That people are consuming that makes Them keep them stuck In making money online okay we want to Spread this message we want to help more People and if you can help us With that it would be amazing because we Can go on this journey together thank You so very much i look forward to Seeing you in the next video until then Bye-bye [Music]


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