Affiliate marketing is a popular way for bloggers and website owners to make money online. It involves promoting products or services of other companies on your site, and earning commissions when visitors click through the links and buy something. There are two main models that affiliates use – Amazon Associates Program and Hub Model. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but which one’s better for beginners in affiliate marketing? Let’s find out!

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Before we dive into the comparison between these two programs, let’s first understand what affiliate marketing is all about. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based advertising where an individual or company (known as an “affiliate”) promotes another person or company’s product or service on their website or social media channels. The affiliate receives compensation from the merchant based on sales generated by their efforts.

The Amazon Associates Program is perhaps the most well-known affiliate program out there. It allows you to promote millions of products available on and earn up to 10% commission per sale. You can also choose to promote specific categories like electronics, clothing, etc., making it easier to target relevant audiences. However, keep in mind that this program has strict rules regarding keywords, ad placement, and link formats. If you violate any of them, your account may be suspended without warning. Additionally, competition is high since many people are already promoting similar products.

On the other hand, the Hub Model is a newer approach to affiliate marketing that focuses on creating valuable content around a particular niche rather than just promoting random products. This model requires more effort and time to build authority and trust with your audience before recommending products. But once established, it can generate higher revenues compared to the Amazon Associates Program. With hub model, you don’t need to worry much about getting banned because it follows best practices such as adding value to readers, providing honest reviews, and not spamming links everywhere.

Is affiliate marketing easy to start

Both programs require some level of expertise and knowledge to succeed. While the Amazon Associates Program might seem simpler at first glance due to its wide range of products, it demands a lot of research and testing to identify profitable niches and products. On the other hand, the Hub Model takes longer to establish but offers greater potential for long-term success. In terms of ease of starting, both options require dedication and hard work.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Ultimately, whether you should opt for the Amazon Associates Program or Hub Model depends entirely on your goals and preferences. If you want quick results and a proven method, then go with the former. But if you’re willing to invest more time and energy, then consider exploring the latter option. Remember, building a successful affiliate business requires persistence, consistency, and continuous learning.

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