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Powerful 4 part framework allows you to craft copy to grab attention and sell.
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Let’s write some compelling copy for Your landing pages using a four-part Proven framework to help you Ace your Copywriting when it comes to launching Your sales funnels now as you can see From these landing pages simple copy Formulas like the ones we’re about to go Over convert really really well so you Definitely don’t have to worry about Over complicating this process or Wondering if these formulas are so basic That they’re not actually going to Convert so we’ll kick things off with The simple framework we’re going to be Using now this is a proven framework It’s not something I made up it’s been Around for decades now and it’s called Ada and it stands for attention interest Desire and action so as you can see on This landing page we’ll go through the Copywriting elements of each one of These and how they actually interact With each other

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